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A Must Read!!!

Carl E. Braaten & Robert W. Jenson, eds.
Early in 2003 a group of sixteen theologians from various church traditions published “The Princeton Proposal,” a current and critical statement on the present state and future possibilities of modern ecumenism. The Ecumenical Future, then, illuminates the scholarly studies behind the development of “The Princeton Proposal” in the form of fourteen essays that provide a focused examination of the issues that still divide the church and of the common ground that is still mutually to be discovered.
Contributors:  William J. Abraham, P. Mark Achtemeier, Brian E. Daley, S.J., John H. Erickson, Vigen Guroian, Lois Malcolm, R. R. Reno, Michael Root, William G. Rusch, Geoffrey Wainwright, Susan K. Wood, Telford Work, David S. Yeago

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