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Great and wonderful are You, O God our salvation.

Too wonderful, are your works among us, and your mighty deeds of favor, too many to count.

I consider my life and the summation of it, and the light of your faithfulness and how you have illuminated darkened places where I have fallen. You have rescued and reached for me with outstretched hands; from the abyss of despair and death you saved me, and you have covered the ooze of my festering wounds, with the balm of your steadfast love.

My lips are unrestrained, and my soul uncontainted in acclaiming your majesty!

Praise the lord, praise the lord, praise the lord!

Because of your surpassing greatness, my breath calls back to You from the origin you gave it at the dawn of creation. Life and death you hold in the beauty of your hand, and the very dust, with which I was made, cries out to be established in obedience to your Word. Fulfill your purpose in me, and endurance to live in the land of my heritage. You, O God, are my only destiny, and I, your possession.

Great are you lord! Praise you above all, for your love and faithfulness endure forever!


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