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Blaise Pascal (1623-62), in his wonderful book of seminal axioms and paradoxes entitled, Pensees [Thoughts], he says the following,

 “Movements of abjectness are necessary, arising not from nature, but of repentance, not in order to stay in it, but as a step to greatness. We need moments of greatness, arising not from merit but from grace, having passed through the state of abjectness. If man is not made for God, why is he only happy with God?  If man is made for God, why is he so hostile to God?  Man does not know on which level to put himself. He is obviously lost and has fallen from his true place without being abdle to find it again.   He looks for it everywhere relentlessly and unsucessfully in inpenetrable darkness.  We want truth and find only uncertainty in ourselves. We search for happiness and only find wretchedness and death….This desire has been left in us as much to punish us as to make us realize where we have fallen from.”


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