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The day that God Died.  Incarnation/ Crucifixion. It seems that this is a double death, for in the incarnation–God actually becoming flesh in Jesus Christ–was the most involutive act God could have ever done on behalf of humanity; He literally turned Himself inside out, and made it possible for Himself to taste death, and yet overcome it. Comparatively, our births are an awakening to life, but for God, His birth was a free election of His choosing death for Himself in Christ. From the moment of the Messiah’s birth, He was marked for the way of derision, suffering and death for the penalty of the estrangement of the world because of sin.   Yet God refused to allow our human limitations and insufferable weaknesses inhibit His purpose of love and redemption. He condescended in incredible humility to find a way of entering within our beggardly weakness and poverty to find a mode of divine entry into our finite and moral existence, in order from within as creator and savior to restore us to complete fellowship with Himself, both in knowing and being. These events recount the historically magnificent and inglorious exchange of how God humiliated and confined himself to time and its limitations, its sufferings and temptations (yet without sin), substituting and wearing finitude instead of the infinite nature of the qualities of His eternal and changeless being.  God spoke this through his prophets and foretold this ad nauseum to His beloved people–this is still a stumbling block to our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters.  God in Christ, the God-Man, abrogates the debt that we owe through His grace on the cross, and through faith in Him, he completely and utterly brings us contemporary with Himself because of His Spirit, if we should choose this.  He wants free lovers and not automatons, and cannot overcome our freewill by making us love Him and choose Him; It would override his justice and his love for his creatures. We are all accepted and must come; He has chosen us all to be reconciled in His Son and God gives exactly what the creature wants. We must go through the magnificent exchange as well—death to self—so that we can begin to take on what Christ has won for us by his incarnation, death, and yes, His glorious resurrection. from the dead! May we be crucified with Christ!  Christ did not die to self, as He was perfectly obedient to the will of the Father, but He did die as a substitution on our behalf.  We may become infinite-minded by trust and faith to say that Christ is mine and I—His. Those who choose to be free, may be free—just at the asking.  God is a good giver of gifts—He is constantly wooing us to himself in his love.  He can only do so much to intervene without interrupting the flow of our human freedom to make choices.


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